Remifentanil Shortage Update and Alternatives

Remifentanil MEMO circulated last Friday (16/6/17) has been amended and republished on the SPS website. The memo provides information regarding the shortage and alternatives.

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Current Stock Status - Overview


Wockhardt - Are restricting supply to their contract customers only. Wockhardt have advised that they are also changing the vial sizes of their range of Remifentanil powder for solution products, the new products are anticipated to be in the supply chain from the end of June/early July 2017.  Wockhardt - Remifentanil Information Flyer

Teva -  Stock unavailable, customer services have advised they have discontinued all three strengths (please note still waiting confirmation of this)


Pfizer/Hospira - Discontinued a while ago.


GSK - Suspending manufacture of Ultiva and have divested the product to Aspen from 01/07/17.  With the API issue we expect that Aspen will not find it easy to manufacture sufficient stock to maintain supply.

We have no contract in place for the 2mg, and the GSK contract for 1mg and 5mg terminates 30/06/17. 


Braun - Are restricting supply to their contract customers only.


The UKMI momo provided in the link does not actually advise of  the volume of stock available Nationally or to Trusts who do not have contracts in place.


 There are no new awards for 1mg  2mg or 5mg strengths, current contracts end 30th June 2017

All information will be shared with MOPC members as well as Purchasing Leads and Regional Ops.


Published: 05/07/2017 Published by: Yorkshire and Humber NHS Pharmaceutical Purchasing Consortium

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